Refusing the unnecessary, Reducing consumption, Reusing materials, and Recycling waste are fundamental ideas to reverse the destructive effects of contaminants to our environment. As such, they must be a top priority in education and society as a whole. This is, in essence, what this project wants to undertake by raising awareness in the young generations as they are the present and future of our environment. This objective is our main horizontal priority (the environment and fight against climate change). This project aims to raise the awareness and engagement in young students on this subject and make them active participants in their environmental education.


We want to help them build skills and comprehensive knowledge on environmental sustainability using innovative digital techniques and approaches as an integral part of their school curriculum. Students will develop key competences using cross-curricular collaborations and they will be directly involved in helping the environment and acquiring a more sustainable lifestyle. It will also help improve their creativity as they will be using their own digital stories which will make them active thinkers on climate change. PESEs will use the innovative tool of Digital Storytelling, DST, which will improve their digital readiness and capacity. In addition, this project will also benefit the teachers who will learn about using DST first hand, and this digital tool can be applied transversally in other unrelated subject areas (social integration, gender, history…), as well as advance their digital capacity.

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