Digital skills and sustainability are a big part of a student’s educational journey. This innovative toolkit blends the paths of sustainable education and digital education. The tools that have been highlighted in this toolkit are useful for educators and students alike to find the right tools to help them understand and promote a more sustainable lifestyle. You will find a variety of tools with different purposes and objectives to make sustainability an intricate part of the education journey. Download toolkit introduction here 

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Sections of the toolkit:
To make searching for the right tool easy to find, we have divided the tools into the following 5 sections.
Click on each one to learn more about the tools inside the section.

1. Sustainability in Learning Context:

This section aims to understand how sustainability becomes a cornerstone in education. Discover pedagogical approaches that seamlessly weave ecological awareness into subjects, fostering a generation of learners equipped to tackle real-world challenges. Download here the six resources on Sustainability in Learning Context


2. Sustainability in Young Learners’ Lives:

Strategies to engage young minds in sustainable practices. Explore examples that empower students to grasp the significance of environmental awareness and adopt sustainable behaviors early in life. Download here the six resources on Sustainability in Young Learners’ Lives

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3. Sustainability and Digital Tools:

From interactive simulations to virtual field trips exploring ecosystems, these tools create immersive experiences that breathe life into sustainability education and make it fun for students. Download here the six resources on Sustainability and Digital Tools

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4. Digital Storytelling in Schools:

Tools that help ease the understanding and use of Digital Storytelling in schools. Explore the power of storytelling to convey environmental messages, evoke empathy, and spark action. Witness how compelling narratives, enriched with digital elements, have the potential to ignite positive change within communities and beyond. Download here the six resources on Digital Storytelling in Schools

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5. Sustainability and Digital Storytelling:

Tools where sustainability and digital narratives intertwine. Uncover tools and techniques to empower educators and students to craft compelling narratives that revolve around sustainability themes. Whether it’s creating multimedia presentations, videos, or animations, storytelling has become a potent vehicle for driving eco-conscious messages.Download here the six resources on Sustainability and Digital Storytelling

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